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The most important place in my house since my childhood has always been the kitchen. Not only as a place to eat but also as the place where all the social life of the family took place.

My mother and all the women in my family have always been good cooks. Every meal was a good reason to spend hours together around the table enjoying many delicious dishes. Food has always been related to being together and happiness. This connected my family and friends. And it also connected me with my ancestors.

Even though I was born in Argentina are my grandparents and great-grandparents of European origin. They brought their traditions and willpower with them to build a future in an unknown country. My blood has a mixture of different cultures that I have consciously and unconsciously studied over the years. One day I couldn’t stop my curiosity and decided to travel. I have travelled so much that I never came back ... because traveling is a vice and one of the most beautiful, the one who gave me a love for cooking.

I travelled through Europe, where I literally ate Spain. I went to Paris where a beautiful family showed me the most beautiful ceremony at lunchtime. In the Netherlands, I fell in love with a green soup and Gouda cheese. Not long after that I went to Germany to try their smoked sausage, and to London for the Fish & Chips. And so I continued traveling.

I lived in Mexico and up on arrival, motivated by the great culinary culture there, I decided to follow a study to become a chef. During my studies, I went to courses in the afternoon given by ladies who had cooked a lifetime. Because of this I have gained more than 10 kilos by trying and enjoying every moment. In Mexico I had my first own company where I could show myself what I could do.

My path led me to return to my beloved and missed, Argentina. There where I continued to study and train. It was a time full of experiences. I travelled to Peru to get to know their gastronomy and culture. I studied at the 'Cordon Bleu', learned from world-famous chefs and met people who expressed their passion for cooking.

I returned to Madrid, where I worked more than ever and happier than ever. I worked in restaurants with Michelin stars, I learned from excellent chefs who each left their mark in their own way. I learned Spanish cooking, learned about products, molecular cooking techniques, fusion, Asian, I burned my arms and eyelashes, I laughed like never before, and I cried like never before ...

I have cooked in Uruguay for billionaires, worked 17 hours a day, I slept little and I ate very richly.

I have visited Bali, Thailand and India. I ate so hot and I felt so bad that the universe conspired so that I gratefully met my partner and came to the Netherlands. A few winters later I am still here, and with all my heart I want to share the best experience in international cuisine with you through Yatay Catering.

I hope you will join me on this journey through the flavours.

Daniela Malimowcka.

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  • Savory Collection Boxes

    FRITTATA: 24 frittata, 4 different flavors.
    PINCHOS: 18 meat, fish and vegetarian pinchos.
    CROISSANT: 24 savory filled croissants, 3 different flavors.
    DIPS: 3 dips plus crudités and toasts.
    WRAP: 30 filled wrap, 3 different flavors.
    SANDWICH: a mix of 15 sandwiches, 3 flavors.
    CIABATTA: 24 filled ciabattas, 3 flavors.

  • Sweet Collection Boxes

    COOKIE: 24 delicious cookies, 3 different flavors.
    BROWNIE: 20 brownies, 3 different flavors.
    MUFFIN: 15 muffins, 3 different flavors.
    TARTLET: a beautiful variety of 12 tartlets, 2 different flavors. Chocolate, caramel and roses & Lemon curd, blueberry and meringue.

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About the service

We do not provide disposable plates, cutlery, cups or napkins. Please ask us if you want it.

If your event is at 12am, we will arrive by 11:00 and we will make sure everything is ready 15 minutes before it starts.

We take orders at least 1 week before your event.


Your reservation is completed when we receive the deposit of 50%. The rest 50% it must be deposit 48 hours before the day of the event.

You can make your deposit at : YATAY CATERING NL76 RABO 0334 4306 31


Cancellations need to be made at least 6 working days before the event date for a full refund.

Cancellations made with less than 6 working days notice will incur 50% charge.

Please note that cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded.


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